Visual Cybernetics - SegaCD


My first idea purchased by a company as a SegaCD (remember those?) concept. Visual Cybernetics bought the story and hired me to create the elements and backgrounds, develop the music, and bring my characters "to life" in a gaming environment.

Illustrator / Cartoonist

I've created many, many characters over time but I started out writing and creating a daily comic strip or my local campus newspaper. That led to several illustration projects that helped me pay my way through college. Featured here are just a few of my favorite characters created in my professional career.


Non-profit child protection organization


Part of a larger illustration that was printed in poster format as part of a campaign promoting a new gathering place for wayward teens so that they could avoid the mischief and stay out of trouble.


The poster consisted of several different mischievous situations in which some kids find themselves. I illustrated the entire poster but this was my favorite segment.

"Pump Up Your Business"

The Arnold Classic - Ad Campaign/Character Design


I designed for Alpha Dog a series of signs used throughout the convention center during the annual Arnold Classic. We were offered this opportunity as a thank you for helping one of the acts that was performing (Michael Griffin, Escape Artist). I put together promotional items to help promote his act. The character was developed to coincide with the theme of the event, explaining how Alpha Dog marketing services could "pump up your business".

"Recreating the Wheel"

Character Design - Akron Standard


This illustration was created to be included in a series of presentations for Akron Standard - a manufacturer in the car tire industry. The central point of the campaign was to invite the attendees to "step into the now" and discover the new way to make tires. I eventually was hired to animate this character in follow-up presentations.

"CD Man"

Character Design - CompuServeCD


These characters were the result of an effort to create a "spokesperson" for the fledgling CompuServeCD interactive publication. The parameters were mainly a "strong but likable personality" with a sidekick that represented the brains of the duo. What you see here is the result of the effort.


There were many iterations. These are the choices.

"Pepper and Jake"

Book Illustrations


These characters were created for a children's book. They share an adventure throughout the book that leads them to the realization that even though their "colors" may be different, they are all part of the same "kind." Through meeting different characters and going through different trials and events, they realize they will be friends forever, despite their "differences."

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